Is Your Computer Running Slow?

Things you can check

  • Remove unnecessary programs
  • Carry out Virus and Spyware scan
  • De-fragment your hard drive
  • Overheating due to dust - clean

One of the most common reasons for computer slowness is unnecessary applications running in the background. When new programs and applications are installed they are often configured to start automatically when your computer starts. These applications are not always needed, and will take up a portion of your computer's memory (RAM) which in turn may slow your computer down. You should remove any programs you no longer use, including any trial software that may have been installed when you bought the computer.

If your computer is running slow and you're getting a lot of pop-up windows, even when you're not online, your computer is most likely infected with a virus and/or spyware. Everybody should have antivirus software installed, updated and running at all times. I would personally recommend using AVG Free. Regardless of the antivirus software you use, you should always keep it updated, and regularly scan your system for viruses. Many antivirus programs do not check for spyware, so if your computer is infected by spyware, you should download a specialised spyware removal software.

One of the best ways to speed up your desktop or laptop is to replace the hard drive with a SSD drive. These have become more cost effective lately and they could speed up your PC by at least 5 times as fast.

Make sure your hard drive is not out of space. If it is, it's a good idea to upgrade your hard drive for a larger one or add another drive, or uninstall some programs you no longer use. Delete all of the temp files, temporary internet files and cookies, you could do it manually or use another free program called CCleaner.