Below is a list of some of the computer and network services I offer:

  • Installation and configuration of operating system and licensed software applications.
  • Optimise your computer operating system and customise to your requirements.
  • Set-up Internet including configuration of Modem/Router.
  • Desktop and Tower on-site and off-site repairs and maintenance.
  • Upgrades, including system memory, hard drives, floppy drives, graphics cards, modems, network cards, scanners, printers, CD and DVD writers and broadband modems.
  • Implement computer security to help secure against malicious attacks, viruses, spyware and adware.
  • Virus and spyware detection and removal.
  • Setup and configure a small home network, including a wireless or wired network, and sharing peripherals.
  • New hard drive installation with data transferred from old drive.
  • Health Check

If you require a service that is not listed, or just require some advice, please contact me by email or phone.