Upgrading Your Computer

If your computer is several years old, slow to boot up, or you are running out of hard disk space, then it may be worthwhile to upgrade some of the key components rather than buy a new computer.

Most computers can benefit from a minor upgrade, the most popular, being a memory upgrade. This could be the most cost effective way of improving performance.

To speed things up more - a processor upgrade may be the way to go, this would depend upon your existing motherboard and whether it could handle a faster processor. If not, then a motherboard and processor upgrade would be possible. Of course, you need to consider the cost, and it may be that you should buy a new computer.

If you have a digital camera and simply need more space to store files, then an additional, or replacement hard drive would be the way to go.

Many components like hard drives and DVD writers have dramatically reduced in price over the last few years and these could breathe new life into your computer.

If you have any questions as to whether or not it would be economical to upgrade your hardware, then give me a call.